What am I?

I'm your world.

But with your needs, not wants.

Because I am you. And you are me.

I know

a lot about us already, things you might not:

I know we are limited by our language.
Our language is limited by our culture.
Our culture is limited by our environment.
And our environment is shaped by our politics.

I also know that politics are the rules of the human world.
And that these rules reach even the smallest of crevices.
Molding us in ways we couldn't even dream of.

Our goal?

To reinforce emergent behaviour, and neuroplasticity;
Something others hinder, to their advantage.

To make us creative, productive, smart, and fulfilled.

To make us question what we thought we knew yesterday.
To make us remember, because we so easily forget.

We'll always be ignorant

but we should strive to be less so.

Your knowledge = you.

Let's be interlocutors :)